Rodent Breeder Directory

  • Alles Ratten Spiel - Colorado's European Rat Breeder. Specializing in Roans: Also Breeding Burmese, Harley and Manx Rats
  • Ember of Passion Rattery - We are located in South East Pa specializing in hairless, dumbo and marked rats of many different colors.
  • Moonstone Haven Rattery - 
  • Raani's Rats - I operate a small hobbyist rattery in my home located in Fort Worth, TX (Saginaw area.) I am one of the few pet rat breeders in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and people come from as far as Houston to get my baby rats. 
  • Raining Rats Rattery - Raining Rats Rattery is a rattery that specializes in Mink based colors of rats such as Russian Dove, Mink, and Merles, and also Russian Blue.
  • Ratterfly Rattery - Ratterfly Rattery is a rattery in Bonita, California.
  • Topi Rats - Colorado's marked rat breeder, specializing in pearl merle, manx, dumbo, and rex.
  • Whistler's Guinea Pigs - Whistler's Guinea Pigs is a Guinea Pig breeder in Sparta, Tennessee.
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