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The multitude of animal species is amazing. In concert with this is the diversity of form, behavior, and adaptation that animals exhibit. Even in improbably habitable places, such as barren deserts and icy polar areas, animals have evolved to meet the challenges with characteristics that help them not only survive, but thrive.

This elaborately illustrated visual reference encyclopedia is an authoritative compendium of the riveting world of animals. The first section is comprised of an overview of animal adaptations, behavior, biology, classification, evolution, and habitats. Definite attention is given to current conservation issues.

At the heart of this guide is an encyclopedic compendium of all the animal groups - amphibiansbirdsfishesinvertebratesmammals, and reptiles. A gallery of approximately 2,000 species photographs showcases the variety and wonder of the animal kingdom. These profiles are enhanced by hundreds of explanatory diagrams, distribution maps, and color photographs. Species that are in the vulnerable and endangered status are clearly marked, and several are discussed in detail. Special displays and pages concentrate on strange or captivating aspects of animal behavior. The guide is up-to-the-minute and regularly updated with the most recent scientific findings and most current classification and conservation data.

With its lush visual content, superb graphics, and dense text, iAnimals is the perfect reference guide to the animal kingdom.

The Animal Kingdom: The Complete Visual Guide

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom. This is your personal, digital zoo experience. See every animal in the world with the click of a button. Learn about wild animals and feast your eyes on the pictures and videos. There is your one-stop shop for everything animal-related. 

Amphibians Birds Fishes Invertebrates
Mammals Reptiles

Pets: An A-Z of the World’s Most Popular Pets

Comb through guides, infographics, fact profiles, pictures, and videos of the world’s most popular pets. We don’t just stop at cats and dogs; we cover everything in the pet world. This is a really fun spot to get acquainted with if you’re thinking of getting a pet. Or, if you’d rather save money and not get a pet, this section can serve as a little outlet for you.

Birds Cats Dogs Exotics
Fish Reptiles and Amphibians Small Animals Yard Animals

Dinosaurs: The Definitive Guide

You didn’t think you could see dinosaurs on an animal pictures site, did you? Well, dinosaurs are animals, too, and we want to make sure you get a good look at them. Our section on dinosaurs includes profiles of the most popular dinosaurs. Enjoy! Click here to enter the wide world of dinosaurs.

Extinct Animals: An Alphabet of Extinct Animals

Just because 99% of the world’s animals are gone forever, it doesn’t mean you can’t see them. Take a peek inside this section to see amazing extinct animals.

Extinct Birds Extinct Fish Extinct Insects Extinct Mammals
Extinct Reptiles

Aliens: The Essential Guide to Alien Species

Are aliens more like humans or more like animals? Are humans animals? We thought it’d be a safe bet to include aliens on our website just in case. Aliens are pretty awesome. Why not? Take a look through our amazing alien book to learn about all the most well-known species of aliens.

Andromedans Flatwoods Monster Greys Hairy Dwarfs
Hopkinsville Goblin Little Green Men Nordic Aliens Reptilians
Sirians Tall Whites Dropa

The Legendary Creatures Bible: An Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures

Legendary creatures are fascinating. Why not explore them here? This section is meant to surprise, delight, and draw you into a world of fantasy, amazement, and adventure.

Cryptozoology: An Encyclopdia of Cryptids

Unconfirmed Disputed Confirmed Extinct

Fictional Animals: Animals in Pop Culture

Fictional animals delight, entertain, and inspire us. Check out this section to get a great overview of animals in popular culture.

Fictional Anthropods Fictional Badgers Fictional Bears Fictional Big Cats
Fictional Birds of Prey Fictional Birds Fictional Canines Fictional Cats and Other Felines
Fictional Crocodiles and Alligators Fictional Dinosaurs Fictional Dogs Fictional Ducks
Fictional Fish Fictional Frogs and Toads Fictional Horses Fictional Miscellaneous Animals
Fictional Marsupials Fictional Mustelids Fictional Pachyderms Fictional Parasites
Fictional Penguins Fictional Pigs Fictional Primates Fictional Rabbits and Hares
Fictional Reptiles Fictional Rodents Fictional Snakes Fictional Turtles
Fictional Ungulates Fictional Wolves Fictional Worms

Famous Cats: Internet Cat Celebrities

This section is meant to give you a comprehensive overview of the Internet’s most famous cats. The list is growing every day. If you have a suggestion for a cat you’d like to add, drop us a line at info [at] ianimals [dot] com.

Movie Monsters: The Complete Guide to Monsters in the Movies

This one-of-a-kind section gives you a bird’s eye view of the monsters in the movies. We know it’s an animal site, but monsters are sometimes animals. Anyways, enjoy this section and check out some of the movies themselves to see the creatures in action!

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